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What makes

us different

Switching to Selkie from conventional liquid products allows you to be totally sustainable without needing to compromise on your hair results. Here are the benefits you can enjoy with each refill:


Less water used in all our production


Reduction on CO₂ transport emissions

Prevent up to 50g of single-use plastic waste

Less harmful toxins entering the environment

We are Selkie

The haircare industry has long been tangled up in a few hairy problems, with plastic pollution, harsh chemicals, and irritants, all taking centre stage. Not only is this bad for the planet, but it’s a real concern for your hair health too.

Two and a half years ago, equipped with a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a big idea, our Founder set off on a mission to change the haircare industry for good. The aim was to create a product that felt as familiar as typical liquid haircare, but with the added benefit of being totally sustainable. The goal was to provide customers with the opportunity to choose both hair results and environmental consciousness, without any sacrifices.

Thanks to our collaboration with Europe’s leading cosmetic chemists, we have perfected our powder-to-liquid haircare products! Our innovative formulas deliver top-quality hair results, and require 90% less water during production, produce 80% less CO₂ transport emissions, and are 100% free of single-use plastic.


Learn more about Selkie’s natural, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable haircare products